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Gisimba Memorial Center currently hosts 3 programs! GASPI, Kigali Kids, and Smile Sunday


Gisimba Afterschool Program Initiative in order to progress with helping vulnerable children from surrounding community.

Currently, there is an improvement in children enrolled in primary schools as they represent almost 100%. Despite, a major enrollment rate in primary schools, there is a problem in preprimary schools which enroll only 17% and; the quality of education and access to education for most vulnerable children still need a major improvement (www.unicef.un). Looking at the Rwandan population overall primary school completion rate, which is still low, there is a problem as to how many parents are able to assist their children as to improve their academic performance.

Actually, there are an ever increasing number of children with juvenile delinquency behaviors and those who run away for the street life, due to instability of their family structure, lack of Parental control, poverty, and child’s environment maladjustment, and this could affect children in their overall development. Rwanda has made significant steps in the protection and development of the child that it has even initiated and approved ECD policy (early childhood policy) but currently, it is accessed by only 13% of children who only live in urban area and who are only from wealthy families.

It is with this regard that Gisimba Memorial Center try to find a solution by implementing a childhood development care program for all children regardless of any kind of discrimination. This would enhance child protection and fight against child abuse and neglect facing vulnerable children.


We at Gisimba Afterschool Program Initiative, believe that children from hard places can thrive in life if they live in a nurturing and safe environment within their families. We believe that every child has a right to live in a loving family. In doing so, Gisimba Afterschool Program creates a therapeutic environment for abandoned children through arts that mold and change their behavioral trajectory. We believe that the arts can be used as tools in the essence of changing a child's behavior. We also believe that if children are equipped with the skills of how to cope and understand their emotions and feelings and communicate them effectively that  that could lead to positive change within their families. 

Gisimba Afterschool Program recognizes how neglect and abuse that children experience may impact negatively their overall health and development. Traumatic experiences impact the social emotional, cognitive and physical development of a child. As a result, children are exposed to detrimental behaviors such as social isolation, family disorganization, and social-emotional disruption. Gisimba Afterschool program provides a safe environment that meets the needs of a child. The program seeks to create an environment in which a child is physically, emotionally, and culturally safe. With that in mind, Gisimba Afterschool Program Initiative operates within the trauma-informed philosophy that embraces the three principles of Trust Based Relational Intervention (TBRI) : Connecting, Empowering, and Correcting. These principles are underlined through the core mission of providing  trusting relationships between children and their caregivers.

Gisimba Afterschool Program Initiative fathoms the hardship of the caregiver’s journey in bringing up children from hard places. Gisimba Afterschool program’s center believes in the essence of mindfulness in creating a trusting relationships. Mindfulness is being aware in the present moment. We believe that if parents are molded in becoming self-aware, it will allow them  to see their children’s needs underlying the behavior and to see their own needs as parents. With that in mind, GASPI provides a training program for parents that not only gives them skills, but that restores hope and connection with their children. 

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