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three ways to collaborate with gisimba

If you are someone who is empathetic to our values, and wants to help us achieve our goals, you can help improve our facilities and ensure that our programs can continue to function. Just $ 20 will feed a family for five days. $ 50 to feed a family for two weeks. $ 200 pays a teacher's salary for one month and $ 500 covers various construction expenses. 

No gift is too small, and any amount is appreciated.

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Name - Centre Memorial Gisimba Accueil Sans Frontiere 

Iban - RW40 0004 0069 7986 1710 03  


Bank - Bank of Kigali PLC   

Adress - PLOT 790 KN4 Av no. 12 


If you find synergies between our programs, our work philosophy, and your company and you want to be part of the impact that our work generates

Contact us, we will be delighted to find ways to collaborate together.

as a company 

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If you want to become an agent of change, learn from the society that surrounds you or create ties with other communities, at Gisimba we offer the possibility of being part of our team of volunteers. You could be trained in our trauma-informed intervention(TBRI) and collaborate as a teacher in our educational programs working closely with children from vulnerable communities.


Contact us, we will be happy to have you in our family

as a volunteer 

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