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Come volunteer at Gisimba Memorial Center! 


Teach English, coach sports, lead music/dance lessons to children of the Nyamirambo neighborhood.  

Contact Rutikanga Gisimba Patrick


Help us raise funds to support our programs!

Gisimba After School Program Initiative (GASPI)

 - Local young adults coach, teach, and build relationships with youth in the community

Kigali Kids 

 - Providing early childhood education to vulnerable children of single parents

Smile Sunday

 - Weekly community event providing a safe space for children to play, learn, and eat a free meal


ways you can donate


@Gisimbadonation-fund to directly support the Gisimba efforts! 

Gisimba Venmo.png

In Person

Come visit and donate onsite!


Gisimba Memorial Center

Nyamirambo, Kigali, Rwanda

Donations are the fuel for our engine; the commitment of our partners, the energy of the volunteers or the efforts of the educators only matter if we can pay to keep the lights on!

Every donation is helpful

Every donator is part of Gisimba's family

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