Gisimba's Family 

Damas Mutezintare

Legal representative 

Patrick Rutikanga 

Executive Director

Robinson Munonozi 

Operations Manager  

Anna Muñoz 

Programs Coordinator 

Hyachinthe Uwimana

Finance Manager 

Kevin Kalissa 


Cedric Ihirwe 

Paint teacher 

Bosco Hakizimana

Library Manager 

Javan Uwimana 

Music teacher 

Eya Khalifa 

Dance teacher 

Solagne Musengimana

ECD Lead teacher 

Benitha Ingabire 

Spaces Coordinator 

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Gisimba Familia is made up of diverse people who work for a common goal, to defend the rights of children from vulnerable communities. If you have the same values, join our family -- we are always happy to welcome new members!

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